Pointe Building

The Pointe Lobby - Caitlin Ronda

Built on the rocky headland at the north end of Chesterman Beach, the Pointe Building has an expansive view of the coastline and the sea. The building’s sophisticated design brings in elements of the surrounding landscape to offer a harmonious immersion for your West Coast holiday.

Explore the Inn

Get acquainted with the Inn before you arrive. Imagine the seamless transition between outside adventures and the cozy indoors; start discovering your West Coast adventure here.

    • The Pointe Building
    • Pointe South Deluxe
    • Pointe West Deluxe
    • Second Floor East Deluxe
    • Third Floor East Deluxe
    • Premier Room

    • The Beach Building
    • Beachcomber Suite
    • Beach Deluxe Rooms
    • Frank Island Suite
    • Chesterman Beach Loft
    • Canopy Suite
    Eat & Drink
    • The Pointe Restaurant
    • On The Rocks Bar
    • Howard's Wine Cellar
    • Driftwood Cafe
    • Shoreline Terrace
    • Ancient Cedars Spa
    • Henry Nolla's Carving Shed
    • Fitness Room
    • Henry Nolla Art Gallery
    • Lookout Library

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