Relais & Chateaux

Relais & Chateaux represents the highest benchmark in hotel accommodations and fine dining worldwide. With a select group of around 540 privately-owned hotels and restaurants across several continents, each Relais & Châteaux shares the essence of fellowship, character and a celebration of the senses.

Founded in France in 1954, the concept grew from the vacationing traditions of well-heeled French society, who traveled to a variety of "relais" (lodges) and "châteaux" (castles) which, while different in architecture, scenery and cuisine, presented consistently high standards.

The association refers to its members as disciples of simplicity who draw on individual secrets to enrich guests' lives during their stay. The mission statement of Relais & Châteaux is "to further the cultural and economic stature of our unique hotels and restaurants throughout the world by collectively promoting our members while recognizing their diversity, spirit and heritage.” A select few properties are invited to join the association every year. We're proud to have been called upon for association in 1997, in just our second year of operation.

La Route du Bonheur

Relais & Châteaux’s La Route du Bonheur—"the road of happiness"—described the journey between various manors, villas, and châteaux in France for a curated experience. We're pleased to invite you to experience our own Western Canadian adaptation through our Discover the Faces of Western Canada's Relais & Châteaux promotion.

The tradition of la Route du Bonheur lives on in Western Canada, miles from its French roots. Experience the rich character, charm and culinary excellence of our partners as you navigate between each distinctive property and its own enchanting setting.

Relais & Châteaux

“All around the world, unique in the world.”
Explore our fellow Relais & Châteaux properties and Relais Gourmand restaurants in Canada, ordered from closest to the Inn to furthest away.