Winter Storm Watching


Gale force winds, giant waves and lively skies—the great energy of the winter storms shapes our coastline, making it an exhilarating season to experience the West Coast. As the seas come alive during the colder months, our favourite time to observe the power of the elements begins.

We were built for this.

While storm watching at the Wickaninnish Inn was named a Canadian Signature Experience by the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2011, it was a memorable destination long before the Inn was even built. Back in the day, the McDiarmid family would visit the Inn's eventual site during a storm. Running to the rocks from their nearby cabin, they would watch to see where the waves broke, how high they came up onto the rocks and into the forest and where the most spectacular views of the crashing waves could be seen. These memories were incorporated into the design of the Inn, making it the best storm watching destination on the coast since its inception.

Storm Watching Amenities

We provide full rain gear in every guest room, and rubber boots are available for cruising the beach and braving the whistling wind and rain. Take a moment to warm up by the fireplace in the Shoreline Terrace or Driftwood Café where you can pop your gear into our drying unit while you enjoy a hot cocoa.

For many guests the ultimate yin to the yang of storm watching is time spent in Ancient Cedars Spa. The Cedar Sanctuary (a free-standing double treatment room) offers unobstructed views of the rolling waves to accompany your relaxing treatment.

Hot Toddy in the Shoreline Terrace
Warming up in the Shoreline Terrace
Storm Clouds on the Coast Tofino
Storm clouds gathering in Tofino

Whether you bundle up to join the seabirds dancing in the wind or watch it all from the comfort of your perch here at the Inn, winter storm watching is an awe-inspiring experience that invigorates the soul. Stormy weather is most reliable between the beginning of November until the end of February, although it’s not unusual to have an early storm or two arriving in late October or even a late storm arriving in early March. Enjoy the season with us à la carte, or with our Storm Watching Package.