Eat & Drink at the Inn

Table With a View from the Wickaninnish Inn Tofino

Nourish yourself in Wickaninnish style. Made from seasonal harvests and ingredients provided from local and sustainable sources, our food is fresh, flavourful and inspired. We merge rich culinary skills with the bounty and beauty of where we live to satisfy your appetite and cultivate tastes you never knew you craved.

Breakfast Nook at The Pointe Restaurant
Patio Coffee at the Driftwood Café
Gooseneck Barnacles
Cocktail Conversations On the Rocks Bar
Drink On The Rocks
Terroir Dessert

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Chef Clayton
Spot Prawn
The Pointe Restaurant Tea
Chantrelles in Moss
Chef Plating Dish

Quality, Organic, Local Ingredients

We support local growers and pickers who harvest sustainably and provide incredible products. Knowing our ingredients are grown and managed with care is essential to trusting their excellence, and is a must, for our standards, for our guests and for the environment.

Culinary Philosophy


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