West Coast Wanderings

Here, a rich heritage lives, an inspired culture thrives, and the primal nature of the surrounding wilderness renders an awareness of living in the now. Whether your idea of an activity is unwinding on the balcony and listening to the waves or getting amongst them, Vancouver Island’s west coast is yours to discover. From extreme to extremely laid back, there are activities here for everyone during any season, simply bring your curiosity and sense of adventure.

"Like any wave, we are here and then we are gone. And maybe the best we can do while we are here is sit by the fire and stare in wonder. I am so glad that I finally made it to your town. I have wanted to come for so long. Now that I have been, I will come back and when I do, if the waves wash me away, so be it. One day I will be washed away by the wave of time anyway. And time spent here amongst the waves is time well spent."

- Iconic Canadian Stuart McLean of Vinyl Café on his visit to Tofino.

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