Whale Watching

  • Humpback tail wavingJohn Forde for The Whale Centre
  • Humpback whale breachingMatthew Maran for Jamie's Whaling Station
  • Orca leapingWest Coast Aquatic Safaris
  • Grey whale and her calfAtleo Air
  • Sea otter resting in kelpMatthew Maran for Jamie's Whaling Station
  • Humpback doing balletWest Coast Aquatic Safaris
  • Grey whale divingAdrian Dorst
  • Orcas in front of Wickaninnish InnJohn Forde for The Whale Centre

You say "safari", we say "seafari". The Tofino experience isn't complete without a marine wildlife seafari on the waters of the open Pacific with a knowledgeable skipper. Pull on your tuque and fleece, and don't forget sunglasses as you embark on a Tofino whale watch, which may include viewing Stellar and California sea lions, seals, sea otters, a variety of seabirds (like Tufted Puffins, Cormorants and the iconic Bald Eagle. As for the stars of the show, every March through October, our waters are home to massive Grey whales and playful Humpbacks who spout, breach, lobtail and spyhop - right in front of you. While thousands of Grey whales migrate past our shores each spring on their northbound swim to the Bering Sea off Alaska, some become annual summer "residents" until the time comes to return south to the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez. Ask our recommended Tofino whale watching outfitters about 2 Dot Star, who has been visiting Tofino, BC waters for the past twenty years. Whether you choose to ride waves and feel the ocean mist on an open air zodiac (with a rigid inflatable hull) or the option of inside seating with a larger, covered vessel (with bathroom), our waters are just teeming with rich marine wildlife, thriving in their own natural habitat. Our whale watching outfitters are supportive of marine wildlife protection and rehabilitation efforts, and maintain respectful distances from the various animals encountered on tour. You may just be among the lucky to see Killer Whales, also known as Orcas, who are transient visitors to our waters and a true thrill to observe as they cruise by with their distinctive dorsal fins. Tofino whale watching is drama -and education- on the high seas.

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Season: Spring, Summer & Autumn
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