Episode: 1 The Road to Tofino

The Road to Tofino

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16 June 2022


On Pacific Rim Highway 4

In this episode, Charles recounts a particularly memorable family road trip over storied Sutton Pass. Nowadays, the drive on Highway 4 is a scenic adventure on your way to the coast; winding by the Kennedy River, over the mountain pass and through towering old-growth forests is a stunning journey. But when Charles was young, the road between Port Alberni to Tofino was a newly built forestry route, meaning it was unpaved and full of logging trucks!

Kennedy River #pn14271 circa 1960 - Alberni Valley Museum
Cathedral Grove circa 1950 PN10902 - Alberni Valley Museum

Take a ride with Charles as he tells of the harrowing experience one could expect to have on your way to the iconic Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, just a few decades ago. You may even relish today’s drive a little more after.

Kennedy Lake Highway 4 - Simone Mondino
Crossing the Bridge - Jeremy Koreski
Coming Back from the River - Jeremy Koreski
Cameron Lake - Simone Mondino

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