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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Owner & Maître de Maison
Newsletters, Sustainability Journey24 March 2022


Since the Wickaninnish Inn opened in 1996, environmental sustainability has been one of our core values, and we are continuously exploring new ways to further our efforts and contributions. From the careful surveying of on-site trees and placement of the buildings during the Inn’s construction days to repurposing recycled wood for natural wall accents and furniture, our goal has always been to minimize our footprint and reuse as much as possible.

Beyond our environmental focus, we proudly embrace an integrated approach to sustainability, which includes not only our environmental component but also the elements of our social and community commitments as equally important pillars. This expansive definition of collective sustainability is in the roots and vision of everything we do.

Our commitment to advancement within these pillars of sustainability stems from our values-driven leadership. By leaning into the question of how we can best support and guide people to step into their future selves, we prioritize nurturing talent and potential, crafting careers and opportunities for team members to forge new paths forward. A focus on the respect of place and purpose within the community is also close to our hearts and a reflection of our longstanding belief that our people and our community are our greatest assets.

In that spirit, we have a proud tradition of internal growth within our team. Please join us in celebrating a few of our most recent promotions, as well as our newly formed Directors team:

  • Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director and Owner
  • Christine Stocker, Director of Operations
  • Ike Seaman, Director of Food & Beverage
  • Jeannette Garcia, Director of Front Office & Spa
  • Tristan Raghunan, Director of Housekeeping & Sustainability
  • Naomi Banks, Director of Finance
  • Melody McLorie, Director of Human Resources
  • Carmen Ingham, Executive Chef

We also have a few more position restructures of note. Congratulations to:

  • Margaux Martin-Jarrand, now our Sustainability Coordinator and Sustainability Committee Chairperson
  • Seraina Horber, promoted into the role of Housekeeping Manager
  • Francis Sabenecio, promoted into the role of Front Office Manager

Without a doubt, the people make the place, and it’s an honour to have such talented team members. As we continue to grow, we will always explore new ways to live our values on a day-to-day basis for both our people and our planet.

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