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Melody McLorie
By Melody McLorie, Director of Human Resources
Newsletters22 April 2022


Nestled in the ocean level of the Pointe Building, looking out to the vast Pacific, lies our Ancient Cedars Spa, a tranquil space dedicated to rejuvenation and nurturing of the body, mind, and soul. An integral part of our spa team, we have had the great pleasure of having Melissa at the Inn with us as one of our wonderful spa practitioners for the past seven years.

With certifications from The Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, 200hr yoga teacher training from Coastal Bliss, and studies in Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage), advanced joint release, hot stone massage, and Thai stem massage, Melissa blends her professional training with a deep passion for holding a supportive space for reducing stress in the body and mind.

Melissa was drawn to Tofino’s small-town charm and rugged nature, inspiring her move from the mainland, where she spent her twenties, to her current home in Ucluelet. When asked about her initial impressions of Tofino, she most vividly remembers her first time stepping out into Cox Bay, with the salty mist hanging in the air and the mesmerizing waves rolling in. This abundant connection to the natural beauty in her surroundings plays a pivotal role in encouraging work-life balance for Melissa, who seeks flow and focus in both ceramics and yoga beyond the spa as well.

We are honoured to have Melissa’s creative energy and smiling face continue to be a warm welcome for all who find their way to the Ancient Cedars Spa!

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