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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters12 December 2020


With travel restrictions in place, we don’t have the usual ability to explore places further afield; however, we can take a moment to highlight Relais & Chateaux, the unique organization the Wickaninnish Inn is a part of.

Now gathering more than 580 landmark hotels and restaurants together, Relais & Chateaux has a stunning presence spanning across the globe. Established in 1954, the people who greet you may have changed over the years, but the invitation to enjoy the art of living and immerse your senses in something spectacular is alive and well, and (when travel restrictions don’t apply) continue to enliven the spirits of those who travel to them from near or far.

It is not the location or exact experience that defines a Relais & Chateaux property, it’s the values: a sense of local immersion, an innately human welcome, a passion for sharing and a commitment to enriching the history of cuisine and hospitality. Relais & Chateaux properties are owned and operated by independent innkeepers and chefs, so whether you visit the medieval Castello Banfi in Italy or dine at Pujol in Mexico City, you’re getting a truly authentic experience grounded in the environment and culture you’re enjoying.

A distinct character of all Relais & Chateaux members is the desire to provide genuine hospitality, with extraordinary care, discretion and good taste. The people who make up the teams at these establishments are dedicated to finding which details (big or small) will bring you a little more joy during your stay—just ask our concierge service!

This attention to detail has become so much a part of our service that Relais & Chateaux recently launched the Always Be Expected program. Complete your profile with your preferences and they’ll carry over to any property you visit! Get insider tips before your next journey so you can book in at a local concert, wine tasting or film launch. You are so welcome at Relais & Chateaux, and this is another way we can ensure you know it!

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