Relais & Châteaux Property Spotlight: Las Mañanitas Hotel, Mexico

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters7 July 2018


Find sanctuary in the heart of Mexico. As you may note in the name, Las Mañanitas Hotel, Garden, Restaurant & Spa has much to offer. Settled near the city of Cuernavaca in a region of Mexico known for its lush forests, this colonial-style property is rich in history, elegance and natural beauty.

A standout feature of Las Mañanitas is the immaculately curated gardens inhabited by exotic birds and artistic sculptures. Expansive and fragrant, a wander through the grounds here inevitably leads to opportunities for reflection and relaxation. Soak it in.

Serving Mexican cuisine with a distinguished reputation, the internationally-recognized (and highly-awarded) Las Mañanitas restaurant is rich in “ancestral recipes.” There are well-known classics, like tortilla soup, to more adventurous choices, such as “Escamoles del Mezquital” (ant larvae considered to be a Mexican caviar local to the area) and “Red Worms of Maguey.” If you’re going to try these anywhere, this is the place to do it. The gourmet tasting menu illustrates food made with tradition and local know-how, and provides an authentic cultural and gastronomic experience. And everything—including the earthenware the food is served on—is thoughtfully made by hand.

Mexico’s wine culture is surprisingly underrepresented on the international stage, but wine aficionados are starting to take note. Las Mañanitas’s extensive wine cellar, filled with Mexican varietals, is sure to blow you away and reevaluate your luggage considerations on your return home.

Along with the magic of the gardens, the on-site spa is sure to establish a feeling of contented bliss.

A true getaway, Las Mañanitas Hotel, Garden, Restaurant & Spa is a unique paradise to escape to.

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