Relais & Chateaux Property Spotlight: Delfin Amazon Cruises

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters11 October 2019


This “Trip of a Lifetime” sails through the Upper Peruvian Amazon and is Relais & Chateaux’s first cruise opportunity. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is an intact swath of rainforest spanning over five million acres, making it the second largest national reserve in Peru. Only accessible by boat, the jungle bursts with vibrant flora and fauna to make up a third of the world’s species. Guests are privy to local guides and wondrous hiking trails through the Amazon wild here.

Biodiversity, however, is not just a selling point for the Delfin experience, it’s an integral part of the company’s business values. Since starting operations over a decade ago, Delfin has operated under a platform that promotes responsible tourism—tourism that has a “significant positive impact on the riverine communities to which we have access.” This means serving sustainable Amazonian fruits and fish gathered by people from the local communities, as well as promoting their artwork and handiwork to provide a locally-active, arts-based economy. Hiring local people as guides on board and for boat and jungle excursions also highlights the way Delfin delivers on their commitment to being socially responsible.

Creating jobs that aren’t based on resource extraction helps transition the economy of this sensitive and globally-vital region to a more sustainable one. The impacts, for example, of cattle farming in the area has included clearcutting huge tracts of rainforest land. Without other work, local communities will either continue to practice these destructive technologies or need to move away to find jobs. Instead the owners of Delfin saw their local expertise as an opportunity to cultivate guests’ knowledge and awareness about the significance of the rainforest on a micro and macro level. While guests benefit from their guides’ infinite insights on daily excursions, the ecosystem remains intact—win-win!

Speaking of excursions—from night safaris, kayaking and paddleboarding to canopy-walking and bird-watching, there’s plenty to do while you’re not feasting on delicious cuisine or relaxing with the on-board wellness practitioners. The husband and wife duo who own and run Delfin’s boutique operations say they’ve personalized the offerings to bring out the authentic charm and refined qualities of experiencing this incredible wilderness.

If you’re drawn to Delfin Amazon Cruises, you can expect to find a similarly adventurous community of travellers. With five-star service and an environmentally-conscious ethos, at Delfin you can be selective about the holidays you take without forgoing the comforts that relax and excite you.

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