R&C: Post Hotel & Spa is now part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Owner & Maître de Maison
Newsletters26 February 2022


We are delighted to welcome Larkin O'Connor, the new co-owner of the Post Hotel & Spa in Lake Louise, Alberta, to the Relais & Châteaux family. O'Connor, President of the family-owned company Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts (CRMR), owns five other incredible hotels in Alberta. These include the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Deer Lodge in Lake Louise, Emerald Lake Lodge in Emerald Lake, as well as Urban Butcher and The Lake House in Calgary. The Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts wish to "celebrate rocky mountain culture, Swiss-Canadian hospitality, and strong family values," a mission statement very much in line with Relais & Châteaux.

Their newest acquisition, the Post Hotel & Spa, has been a Relais & Châteaux jewel since November 1990. He takes over from the Schwarz brothers, André and George, who purchased the property in 1978, and have developed the property into one of the most highly coveted resorts in the country.

Post Hotel & Spa - Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts
Brothers Ryan & Larkin O'Connor celebrating with brothers George & André Schwarz

"We view this sale and transition more as a passing of the torch, from a pair of brothers (Ryan and Larkin), who are committed to carrying on the traditions of the Post Hotel & Spa that have led to creating great friends and lasting memories with all our guests and staff. We wish them every success with the Post Hotel & Spa and know our guests and staff will be treated as part of their family," says George.

In addition to honouring the hotel's legacy and building upon that, O'Connor is proud that he was able to retain the team saying, "The staff are what makes this property what it is, and we look forward to working, learning, and growing with them." So you'll be able to continue seeing your old friends that have made you feel so welcomed in your previous visits.

Larkin very much embodies the values of his company. He grew up in the Rockies with his family and fondly remembers his first time hiking up Mount Fairview in Lake Louise as a toddler. He spends his time working on expanding, growing and modernizing his company, skiing and spending time with his wife, Mairead, and their three children.

Welcome, Larkin!

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