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Our Tofino Neighbours: Lynn White, Browning Passage

The pager rings at 2:30 a.m. It’s dark and stormy, the swell is over 5 meters offshore, and it’s just another west coast winter night in the little fishing and logging town of Tofino, BC. A bow light can be seen through the fog as the Tofino Coast Guard Life Boat ties-up to the dock just about three hours later. This was just another night-in-the-life of Tofino born and raised Lynn White.

Lynn has been on boats since before she could remember; her dad Captain Mike White made her his deckhand at age 6 and would take her out on his crab fishing boat to help him load the bait jars. Lynn recalls, “Dad put me in oversize rain gear that had to be rolled up at the wrists and ankles, I would bait the crab bait jars and replace them in the traps. He would have me run the boat from one string of traps to the next until all our traps were in the water”. 
She got her first 14ft Aluminum “tinny” boat from her uncle Pete White, also a lifetime fisherman, when she was only twelve. Long before Lynn was permitted to drive a vehicle on the road she was running her own boat all over Clayoquot Sound identifying every rock and island.

Lynn began working for the Canadian Coast Guard in 2005 and served aboard a number of vessels and stations all across the West Coast of Canada. She earned certifications in Search & Rescue and was awarded the coveted “Award of Distinction” for her rescue efforts during a call off Kyukuot Sound, BC. After serving over 11 years in the Canadian Coast Guard as a Search & Rescue Specialist, Lynn decided to take a leave-of-absence in order to care for her mom, who was not well. After a long illness, her mom - Linda Jean White - passed away on March 9, 2016 with Lynn by her side.

In early spring of 2016, Lynn, Mike, and Lynn’s wife Jess Harris purchased a salvaged vessel in the hopes of rebuilding it to add a second boat to the growing family business: Browning Pass Charters. From envisioning the design to measuring dimensions for each weld, to mastering the fiberglass skills necessary in order to install the hand-made seat boxes; this project was no cake-walk. The hull was originally designed on Vancouver Island. With custom-designed seats, hand-laid hull liner and all interior canvas’ designed and sewn to Lynn and Jess’ specifications, this vessel is a work of art and truly stands-up to the west coast elements. 

Now completed, and named in memory of Lynn’s mother, the “Linda Jean” took its maiden voyage on September 18th, 2016. Lynn will be working alongside her father in running the “Linda Jean” for bear watching and  hot springs tours, private whale watching tours & cruises. “It’s nice to be working with my dad, working on these waters is our life...I can’t imagine doing anything else” says Lynn White of joining her dad in Browning Pass Charters’ business.

On your next visit, if you would like to book a charter for bear watching, a trip to hot springs cove, private whale watching or freedom cove tours; contact our concierge [at] (Concierge) or Browning Pass Charters for tour information.

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