Our Tofino Neighbours: Jay & Kat Rosene, Endlessfitness

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Shawna Gardham
By Shawna Gardham, Public & Media Relations Manager
Newsletters25 January 2017


Life balance is not just a New Year’s resolution for Katherine and Jay Rosene, it is a passionate lifestyle choice they live and also share daily through their personal training business, Endlessfitness.

Originally based in Victoria, Katherine and Jay moved their business nine years ago to the Tofino-Ucluelet area to find a slower pace of life. Like many of the resourceful young entrepreneurs on the West coast (Tofino has the highest number of business licenses per capita in BC boasting 800 licenses among 2000 residents), Kat and Jay combine their passions with their work. They encourage a functional fitness philosophy stating “what we do in the gym has to apply to what we do every day”.

Although their “every day” - which includes surfing daily and chasing their one-year-old and five-year-old - may be more adventuresome than most, their expertise in a variety of fitness disciplines such as weight training, nutrition, yoga, pre/post-natal yoga, and barre method along with their nurturing natures provides their clients with a well-balanced approachable fitness program customized to their own needs.

Kat believes one of the most important achievements in life is to attain balance. Achieving “Life Balance” and acquiring enhanced fitness levels directly impacts personal well-being, both spiritually and emotionally. Jay has experience with sport specific training as he spent years working with professional athletes in Vancouver, and his specialty is overall conditioning. Both the Rosene's have a multitude of certifications relating to health and wellness, with high attention to safe training.

Katherine and Jay bring their enthusiasm and fitness expertise to guests at the Inn through the Ancient Cedars Active Health package. Here they start with a meet and greet to understand each guest’s past fitness experience, areas of concern and goals along with a gentle assessment and individualized full body workout. From there, they customize a program tailored to each guest’s needs. Time with the trainers can be spent in the fitness room at the Inn or on the beach. Guests are sent off with a home wellness package to support continued fitness. One of Kat’s more memorable experiences was leading a newlywed couple on a hike up one of the local mountains to view the expansive coastline including Cox Bay and Chesterman Beach. As many in this active little town feel, the stunning views in our area are even more rewarding when you work to get to them.

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