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Izabela Elias
By Izabela Elias, Marketing & Sales Manager
Newsletters23 September 2022


For the foodies among us, did you know that just like the growing conditions of grapes impact the flavour profile of wine, the same is true for how oysters are grown? “Merroir” is a term coined to describe a sense of terroir in oysters. In this article, our executive chef Carmen Ingham speaks about how he maintains consistency in his dishes year round and how the sources for oysters change over the seasons.

Created in 2010 by Surf Sister and Shelter Restaurant, Queen of the Peak celebrates and showcases the fantastic surf talent here on the west coast of Vancouver Island. If you’re in town on October 1 and 2, pop by Cox Bay to watch the longboard, shortboard, and Princess of the Peak divisions compete for the coveted title! We are proud to be a sponsor of this event. Watch the live feed of the competition here and be sure to stop by our Henry Nolla Gallery in the Driftwood Café to see a special exhibition by Bryanna Bradley and Kat Leslie dedicated to the event.

Nurturing strong roots in our community and the environment has always been an integral value of ours. We are pleased to be featured in this Forbes piece on regenerative practices, highlighting our partnerships with local stakeholders and producers to source sustainable resources for the Inn. The Pointe Restaurant is also a founding member of The Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild (TUCG), a non-profit that aims to make local food more accessible while providing a reliable market for some of British Columbia’s best producers.

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