Inn & Around the Wick June 2017

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Shawna Gardham
By Shawna Gardham, Public & Media Relations Manager
Newsletters13 June 2017


Smart Recreation: Keeping our coastline clean and safe for all living things is important. Check out these amazing initiatives in our community—

Coast Smart

Surfrider Foundation

Clayoquot CleanUp

Canadian Cuisine: It’s a busy year for The Pointe Restaurant’s Executive Chef Warren Barr! He was invited to showcase his culinary skills at several events across Canada and south of the border, including “The Flavors of Canada” at renowned James Beard House in New York City last month! Next up is a collaborative Ocean Wise dinner with Vancouver’s top chefs at Night at the Aquarium on June 15th. Lastly, Chef Barr has been invited to take part in the last leg of Canada C3, a signature project for Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation. Stay tuned for an update! Continued congratulations to Chef Barr, we’re very proud to host his talent at the Wickanninish Inn.

Wildlife Advisories: With all the new Spring activity, local wildlife has also been making more appearances. We're so fortunate to share our home with some amazing creatures, and with that comes a responsibility to treat them and their area with respect. Parks Canada has issued some helpful tips for wildlife encounters in the park: 

  • Keep your pets on leash! (Almost every year in our region we see pets attacked by wolves and cougars - there have been NO recorded attacks on leashed pets!)
  • Check park centres for current information
  • Watch for and respect 'wildlife warning/advisories'
  • Carry deterrents such as bear spray and marine air horns
  • Never allow a wolf or cougar to approach you - maintain or create space between you
  • Scare away wolves and cougars as soon as you see them - this is best for your safety and the safety of the animals. Wolves and cougars learn from our behaviours. Let's teach them to avoid people.
  • Keep children close and discuss carnivore safety

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