Inn & Around the Wick August 2021

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A few of our team members had the pleasure of attending The Kiixin National Historic Site Tour hosted in part by Long Beach Nature Tours in partnership with the Huu-ay-aht First Nation this month. Kiixin is the only known traditional First Nation village remaining on the west coast of southern BC with significant standing house remains. Our team left from Ucluelet and boated out onto the open ocean through the Broken Group Islands, approaching the quaint seaside community of Bamfield, where the trailhead to Kiixin begins. The tour is a rich exploration of Vancouver Island's pristine rainforest, beautiful protected beaches, Huu-ay-aht history, and Indigenous culture in the region shared by a traditional knowledge holder. A must-see.

Wildsafe BC Logo

We were thrilled to host WildSafe BC's Pacific Rim Coordinator - Bob Hansen - at the Inn for a Wildlife Awareness and Safety Talk for our teams and community. We truly live and work in a wild place, and British Columbia has some of Canada's greatest diversity of habitat and wildlife. It also has some of the highest numbers of bears, wolves, and cougars. Our teams learned how best to live alongside the diverse wildlife in our area and how best to keep encounters safe.

Nelly Heyduck

This month, local graphic designer and artist Nelly Heyduck open a solo art exhibition entitled: '... and the ocean takes a breath' inside the Henry Nolla Gallery at the Inn. Inspired by the rugged and pristine Pacific Rim, her new exhibition focuses on large pieces depicting our local seascapes and abstract surf art through "very energetic" strokes. The gallery and exhibition, located just off of the Driftwood Cafe, runs until October and is open every day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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