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Shawna Gardham
By Shawna Gardham, Public & Media Relations Manager
Newsletters27 March 2024


Tofino is a vibrant community filled with remarkable individuals, each contributing their unique talents and passions to shape the fabric of the town. Among these extraordinary people is Sophie L'Homme, a cherished friend of the Wick, whose dedication has been instrumental in nurturing our growing arts and culture scene.

Originally from Montreal, Sophie has found her calling in Tofino as a passionate advocate for the arts and a catalyst for community connection. As the Director of the Tofino Jazz Festival and the Manager of the Clayoquot Sound Theatre, her impact on the local cultural landscape is profound and far-reaching.

Arriving in Tofino close to nine years ago, Sophie describes the town as "the greatest thing that could have ever happened" to her, providing a blank canvas for her creative ideas to flourish. She reflects on her journey, stating, "It just felt like one of the biggest ‘yes’ moments in my life. It was just the right place at the right moment for me for all these things to happen." Sophie quickly established herself as a leader in Tofino, breathing new life into the community's eclectic spirit.

Her involvement with the Clayoquot Sound Theatre began in 2016 when founders Gary Marks and Carlo Marks sought a third actress for a play. Despite a busy schedule, Sophie auditioned and secured the role, marking the beginning of her deep involvement with the theatre. Over the years, she dedicated herself to the theatre's Board, eventually assuming the role of manager. Under Sophie's guidance, the well-loved theatre has been undergoing significant renovations, transforming into a dynamic and newly envisioned space that prioritizes safety, accessibility, flexibility, and professionalism. "I'm extremely proud of offering a brand-new venue to my town,” she shares, “that will live for many, many years."

In addition to her work with the theatre, Sophie is the driving force behind the Tofino Jazz Festival. Inspired by her experiences at the Montreal Jazz Fest, she sought to bring this same joy to Tofino. What began as a modest endeavour with a budget of $1,800 has blossomed into a vibrant annual event, now 40 times bigger than its inaugural year. With five days of festivities, including a parade and outdoor concerts, the Tofino Jazz Fest has become a cherished community tradition under Sophie's stewardship.

Clayoquot Sound Theatre Rendition
Clayoquot Sound Theatre Rendition

Looking ahead, Sophie envisions a bright future for both the Tofino Jazz Festival and the Clayoquot Sound Theatre. With the upgraded and reimagined theatre, Sophie aims to create a dynamic hub of creativity and connection, accessible to all who seek inspiration or a place of expression. Similarly, she remains committed to ensuring the sustainability and inclusivity of the Tofino Jazz Festival, securing funding and cultivating partnerships to support its continued growth.

For Sophie, the most rewarding aspect of her work lies in helping people feel alive through the arts. Whether it's giving tourists and residents alike a memorable experience or creating opportunities for local artists to shine, Sophie's goal is to foster inclusivity and accessibility within the arts for all. With her passion, dedication, and visionary leadership, Sophie L'Homme continues to shape the cultural landscape of Tofino, leaving an indelible mark on the community she calls home.

If you would like to offer your support to either of these community projects, you may do so by visiting the Clayoquot Sound Theatre donations page or by visiting the Tofino Jazz Fest sponsorship page.

Tofino Jazz Fest Parade by sunsetamedia
Tofino Jazz Fest Parade by sunsetamedia

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