A Note From Charles - September 2022

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Owner & Maître de Maison
Newsletters23 September 2022


The brisk autumn air brings with it a time of transition as the town of Tofino slows back down to ‘Tofino Time,’ and the summer energy subsides.

One can simply observe the local wildlife to find evidence of the shifting seasons around us. Migratory waterfowl take to the skies as they begin their journey south, heading to warmer climes as our own weather begins to cool; in the forests of Vancouver Island, the black bears enjoy their last berry and salmon feasts of the season before tucking away for hibernation.

The fall often sees fair weather peppered with the occasional storm, while the prime surf season lies just around the corner. Wander the beaches in October, and you are sure to be rewarded with excellent people-watching as avid surfers take to the water to capitalize on the season's increasing swells. Earlier sunsets and clear evenings also gift us with incredible stargazing - a perfect invitation for a post-dinner stroll along the sandy shores near the Inn. Scan the sky in the early morning hours, and you may even spot moonset and sunrise at the same time!

A surprising amount of deciduous trees light up the forests as you depart Port Alberni with wonderful flecks of fall colours amidst the greenery, making for a delightful addition to the already scenic drive to Tofino. Our forests give way to an abundance of harvested foods this time of year, which feature on our seasonal menus at The Pointe Restaurant. The somewhat elusive but always sought-after chanterelles begin to reveal themselves after the first hints of rainfall and then fade away as temperatures cool, closing their season with our first significant frosts. The cynamoka berry, also known as the evergreen huckleberry or winter huckleberry, is a late ripening tart blueberry found on the shrubs around the Inn and throughout Vancouver Island - a favourite feature on our fall menus should you visit The Pointe Restaurant on your next visit.

The town of Tofino offers a number of unique spots to savour a meal. Jeju is one of my favourites, serving delicious Korean food in a cozy atmosphere. Stopping in for a hot stew or fresh dumplings on a rainy day will surely hit the spot.

I hope to welcome you to the Inn soon. In the meantime, all the best in this season to come.


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