A Note From Charles October 2020

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Owner & Maître de Maison
Newsletters10 October 2020


Holidays have an amazing way of bringing us together, and there’s comfort in their traditions—even if they take on a different look from year to year. Such is the way of 2020!

A few decades ago, before we built the Inn, my brothers and I would come back to the coast for Thanksgiving. While our family home was in town, close to the hospital (where my father worked), we would spend special occasions out at the cabin on Shell Beach, overlooking the point where the Inn now sits. At the time there was no driveway, so we would hike in all the supplies from the road and my mother would find a way to cook an incredible turkey feast for us, often with more friends gathering around, too. The combination of coming home to my mom’s delicious cooking and the effort it took to make it happen in a one-room cabin made those celebrations particularly joyous and memorable.

Since the Inn opened, we’ve continued to celebrate Thanksgiving here together with our team—though it’s a little less rustic than old times! This year things are looking different again as we adapt our traditions to accommodate COVID and safety protocols. We can’t gather for our staff luncheon, but we will be sharing “care package” boxed lunches made by our culinary team to enjoy at home.

Of course, much has changed in the past months, however, Thanksgiving provides a wonderful pause for continuing traditions of gratitude. Amidst this unusual time, I maintain a delight in welcoming guests to the Inn, an appreciation of the ongoing efforts of our team and an admiration for the resilience of our community—and it is wonderful to share these joys!

Wishing you a healthy holiday and a hearty appetite,


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