A Note from Charles October 2017

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters14 October 2017


It’s as if we clapped our hands and fall arrived. The seasonal shift dropped, like the temperatures, almost overnight this year. We’ve started to notice the shorter days and spatterings of much-needed rain in the forecast. We still see lots of sunshine, of course, but there’s a general cooling off period—weatherwise and peoplewise—as the kids go back to school and the busy days of summer gradually find a slower, autumnal rhythm.

So, as one thing ends, another begins. While we prepare to say farewell to late-night sunsets, autumn brings bigger waves from offshore storms. And with a few less people in the water and more consistent swell coming in, you can imagine there are a lot of happy surfers in town this time of year. Just ask the intrepid ladies competing in Tofino’s annual Queen of the Peak!

Remember, with those storms brewing at sea, the weather can become a bit variable, so bring an extra layer for your beach walk. If you’ve forgotten your rain slicker or just prefer to leave them at home, we offer complimentary gumboots and rain gear at the Inn, and our beachside Driftwood Café, with its wood burning fireplace and drying closet, the perfect place to warm up after.

We always have much to be thankful for, but the slower pace of fall offers space to stop and be a bit more reflective. Just another reason it’s a well-loved season in Tofino! Here’s to wishing you a happy fall and upcoming holiday season; I hope you can spend some of it here with us.

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