A Note From Charles November 2020

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters7 November 2020


Along with the arrival of Winter Storm Season, November also brings with it some solemnity for us as we observe Remembrance Day on November 11th. Tofino’s annual ceremony – adjusted for COVID this year - brings us together to remember lives lost, but it’s also about honouring those still with us. At our local Legion we have somewhat of a legend in our midst: Whitey Bernard. Maybe you’ve seen the iconic photo Wait for me, Daddy—that’s him as a young five-year-old boy! It became so iconic during the war effort, it was recreated as a statue in New Westminster, on the mainland of BC. While sombre, it’s always important to honour the individuals who fought for our freedom and the families that supported them.

Another name to honour this month is Anita Stewart; the legendary Canadian food icon has passed away. Alongside her many well-deserved accolades—member of the Order of Canada, founder of Cuisine Canada, founding editor of Taste & Travel Magazine, Food Laureate at the University of Guelph, author of dozens of cookbooks focused on Canadian cuisine, and so much more!—Anita was a long-time friend of the Inn. In 2016 she joined us to celebrate Food Day Canada, her annual national event, with guests of the Inn for dinner at sunset on Chesterman Beach. It was a memorable occasion for many! Including our Executive Chef at the time, Chef Warren Barr, who Anita awarded with the first-ever “North Star Award for Continuous Culinary Excellence”! Incredibly respected by chefs and producers across the country, Anita Stewart celebrated the wonder of Canadian fare and established it as an appreciated and recognized cuisine on the world stage. Her passion to share it will be missed.

Although the days are becoming shorter there’s still so much to enjoy in the great outdoors and indoors at this time of year. Tofino is a beacon for all-weather lovers whether it be rain and wind, sunshine and clear skies or all the above on the same day. There’s a little bit of everything in every season, so bring a few layers but remember we have boots and rain gear waiting for you should they be needed for your walks on Chesterman Beach or on our trails through the old growth temperate forest surrounding the Inn.

While watching the storms roll in is always one of my favourite mesmerizing past times, this time of year also brings with it a bounty of new selections from Chef Carmen Ingham’s fall menu. Just a few of my personal favourites include: Seared Elk Tartare, Mushroom Risotto and Smoked Salmon with King Crab to be followed by main courses such as Roasted ‘Yarrow Meadows’ Duck, Grilled Sablefish or Slow Roasted Halibut.

Not to be outdone, our Ancient Cedars Spa also remains a busy and welcoming oasis from the current challenges of everyday life. After an invigorating beach walk or an extended hike through the trails of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve it is a wonderful and totally indulgent bookend experience.

In memory of those lost,

and in celebration of moments to come,

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