A Note From Charles - May 2024

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Owner & Maître de Maison
Newsletters23 May 2024


As spring continues to flourish, the promise of summer lies just around the corner. The longer days carry a renewed liveliness to our town, inspiring locals and visitors alike to revel in the natural wonders that make Tofino a true paradise.

During my younger years, the approach of summer was known to bring an influx of friends and extended family eager to experience our remote coastal haven in Tofino. My mother, Lynn, warmly welcomed the lively atmosphere that enveloped our home and would fondly say she operated the busiest complimentary bed and breakfast on the West Coast—all while wrangling three rambunctious boys. Our mother was an incredible host and an equally talented cook and baker; cinnamon buns, apple or pumpkin chiffon pies and other treats would often grace the kitchen counters, much to our delight and that of our visiting friends and family.

Present Day Family Cabin by Caitlin Ronda
Present Day Family Cabin by Caitlin Ronda

Following the sale of our primary home on Tonquin Beach, the first edition of our family cabin was built and accessed only by a trail at the end of Chesterman Beach or boat from town and was very much what one would consider off-grid living. There were no separate bedrooms, just a bathroom and living room where we would all sleep. Propane, supplied from town via our 12-foot aluminum boat, would run the on-demand water heater, stove, fridge, and lights. While this might have caused the average person to question opening up the cabin to house guests, we still welcomed family visits from our aunt, uncle, and cousins regularly—and celebrated many Christmases, New Years, and other holidays, special events, and summer vacations with just our own family.

During these languid summer eves, dinner would take place long-table style on the deck. These gatherings would traditionally entail barbecued salmon, cooked “West Coast style” with a dash of oil, salt, and pepper then placed on the barbecue skin side down and savoured alongside family and visiting friends. Sometimes a crab cookout on the beach would be in order, with the vast ocean as our backdrop, perhaps with some steamed little neck clams sourced from the clam bed just below the cabin, and of course, some agreeable wine to go with it all.

Summer Memories by Caitlin Ronda
Summer Memories by Caitlin Ronda

Today, the Wickaninnish Inn still carries this spirit of hospitality embodied by my mother and father. While many decades have passed since those early days at our cabin, the excitement of inviting guests to create their own West Coast summer memories remains the same. I hope to welcome you and yours to the Inn this season for what is sure to be another incredible summer in Tofino.



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