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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters17 May 2022


While most make their way to Tofino for the ocean and vast beaches, there is another world tucked away on the inner side of the peninsula. The mudflats are home to an incredible array of wildlife that spans 21 square kilometres of deep mud, rocky beaches, marshes, and channels, all surrounded by temperate rainforest. Pay a visit here, and you are more than likely to spot otters, ravens, eagles, osprey, and perhaps even one of the resident bears or wolves ambling about. Be sure to pack your binoculars!

Of particular note are the thousands of shorebirds that frequent the mudflats to grab a bite to eat on their migratory flight. The western sandpipers, known familiarly as “peeps”, may be flying from Peru to Siberia. These portly little birds often cover up to 1800 kilometres a day, sometimes staying in the air for a day and a half at a time. Impressive, but not much to brag about compared to the pacific golden plovers, which can migrate 4500 kilometres without rest. Those breeding in western Alaska or Siberia may spend their winter as far away as Africa!

As David Pitt-Brooke penned in his wilderness almanac Chasing Clayoquot, “Perhaps that’s why shorebirds have such strong resonance, even for people with no particular interest in birds. They appeal to the nomad in all of us. They awaken some restless vestige of an earlier time - not all that long ago, in the great scheme of things - when human beings had not yet abandoned migration.”

Shorebird Signage
Shorebird Signage at the Inn

There is never a shortage of ways to experience our remarkable oceanfront. Picnics on the beach are a timeless tradition, and in anticipation of what we hope will soon be warmer weather on the horizon, there is a new pop-up picnic experience here in Tofino. Should you be seeking a beach activity beyond the usual, Lux.Fino organizes and caters to locally-sourced picnics inspired by the island that put a beautiful twist on the classic gathering - a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with loved ones!

After exploring the island, there is a certain sweetness in capping the end of a day well spent with a fine cocktail, and I am pleased to share that our On The Rocks Bar team has refreshed our offerings for the season. The newly reimagined menu spotlights many of our local ingredients in bloom this time of year and almost exclusively features spirits and liqueurs from local distilleries here on the island and around BC. We hope you, our guest, will join us there soon.

Wherever May might find you, I wish you all the best,


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