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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters24 June 2022


The Wickaninnish Inn and our town of Tofino look out upon the mightiest ocean on the planet. Having grown up here, the tides and many moods of the ocean are just part of my everyday life. From the majestic storms of winter to perfect surfing waves to magical moonlit summer evenings, the canvas is ever-changing, and it is always inspiring to be so connected to this life-giving force.


Our surroundings in this neck of the woods hold many opportunities to connect with the ocean and become familiar with life in the intertidal zone. Keep a keen eye out during your next beach walk, and you will likely discover tidal pools around the rocky points of our beaches. Sea anemones, or “flowers of the sea” as they are fondly called, are easy to spot and a joy to come across during a quiet morning exploration of the pools. A personal favourite creature is a nudibranch, a name which stems from the Latin word nudus (naked) and the Greek word brankhia (gills), referring to the exposed gills on their back. Occasionally, you can spot these delicate and delightful sea slugs sharing pools with crabs and tiny bullhead fish, among other inhabitants. Beyond the beach, the Ucluelet Aquarium, Canada’s first collect and release aquarium, is also the perfect place to stop and learn about the many wondrous species of ocean wildlife found here on our Pacific Northwest coast.

At the Inn, this appreciation of our oceans also extends into our kitchen operations. We are pleased to source much of our seafood from Naas Foods, a local Indigenous-led company committed to creating fair opportunities and benefits to local First Nation communities while practicing sustainable, minimal impact sourcing. We currently order Dungeness crab, halibut, yelloweye rockfish, chinook salmon, sablefish, spot prawns, and occasionally gooseneck barnacles from Naas - a rare and special treat. Stevie Dennis, the company’s co-founder, is the only person on the West Coast with a license to harvest Goosenecks.

For those looking to take to the seas for a fresh air experience with the ocean and the wildlife around us, Browning Pass Charters is the perfect way to do just that. Run by born and raised Tofitians, the father and daughter team of Mike and Lynn White, aboard their beautiful 37ft Canoe Cove yacht, these charters offer whale and bear watching, boat cruises in the calm waters of Clayoquot Sound, hot springs tours, and more. A wonderful way to spend a very relaxing and rewarding day on the waters surrounding Tofino as we come into our warmer summer months!

Wishing you a happy summer and hope to welcome you to the Inn very soon,


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