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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters7 July 2018


There’s no “favourite” season in Tofino, each one has a unique range of flavours, but the long days of summer do extend the hours we can enjoy being amongst it. The prolonged window of daylight tends to create an easy pace for activities; with ample time to fit everything in, there’s no need to rush.

Even the ocean is more relaxed: The water is a few degrees warmer now, just enough for us to shed the thick winter surf gear (and boots and gloves) for thinner summer wetsuits. And the summer swell has arrived, a gentler cousin of the winter waves we get during storm season. The mellow conditions are great for learning how to surf, or for getting stylish on your longer boards—it’s time to hang ten, folks!

There are also more people out in the water enjoying a wide variety of pursuits, even with an extraordinarily early sunrise there are always a few keen fishermen out for the early morning bite, intrepid kayakers, stand up paddle boarders and many others out to see the bears, whales and other wildlife luxuriating in and around our Clayoquot Sound waters. By day’s end, it’s like the whole community has come together to revel in a relaxing sunset walk on the many beaches of Pacific Rim National Park or right here on Chesterman Beach.

With the smells of warm sand and sea permeating the air, the Inn has launched a new summer menu. Always fresh and seasonal, always creative and as local as we can get it, it is an honour and a delight to offer such an incredible dining experience to guests, visitors and locals alike. Whether before, after or in between your activities, I hope you’ll visit us. And, I might add, our Driftwood Café patio is a prime summer addition.

From natural beauty to nutritious feasts, Tofino summer is a delight. Hope to see you here!

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