A Note From Charles January 2020

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters25 January 2020


Welcome 2020! Ringing in the new year always has an excited charge around it, but welcoming a new decade does carry another level of enthusiasm and energy—I hope you spent it celebrating in good company.

The last year of the “2010s” was good to us, 2019 brought many great things, including: the completion of our new wine cellar, further strides in our sustainability initiatives through the Ocean Friendly Business Campaign with the Pacific Rim Surfrider Foundation, new refillable water stations installed and so many wonderful visits with returning and new friends.

A new year promises a fresh start, and we’ve taken the opportunity to spruce up a few areas of the Inn during our annual closure this month. We’ll be opening again on Sunday February 2, with new lustre on the beamwork (refinished by Robinson Cook) in The Pointe Restaurant, updated stonework in the Pointe Port Cochere and spa patio, a quantity of wood refinishing, and updates to some of the facilities. While maintenance tasks may not seem like the most thrilling way to start a new year, we know our guests appreciate our attention to detail, and slowing down for a moment means we have time to hone in and tend to them. It’s all part of setting up for the coming seasons so, in some ways, it’s exciting, too!

We are all looking forward to the year ahead, we have some great goals in mind—renewing our commitment in “green” business practices, celebrating our team and continuing to give back to our community being among them—and most importantly in welcoming our guests, you’re always front of mind for us.

Whether you’ve been out exploring or cozying in since the year began, I hope the start of the 2020's has been a good one. Hopefully the road ahead will also lead you here, soon!

Until then,


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