A Note From Charles - February 2024

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Charles McDiarmid
By Charles McDiarmid, Managing Director
Newsletters22 February 2024


Spring is on the horizon, bringing with it a sense of renewal and anticipation here on Chesterman Beach. As the daffodils and crocuses slowly emerge, the Chesterman regulars, as we fondly like to call them, are bustling with activity. Our resident eagles, Wicky and Windy, have returned to the Inn, along with the lively chatter of our local raven family can be heard across the grounds. A season when nature reawakens, our beachfront becomes a hub of activity with the first hints of the turning of the season.

Eagles Perched by Caitlin Ronda
Wicky and Windy by Caitlin Ronda
Daffodil Blooms by Caitlin Ronda
Daffodil Blooms by Caitlin Ronda

My parents’ younger years saw them touring around Europe on grand adventures in a Volkswagon bug kitted out with a pop-up tent and camping supplies. Throughout their travels amid stunning beaches of all kinds, they felt there was still none more captivating than Chesterman. The vision to share this expansive gem with those who made the journey to the far reaches of Vancouver Island was front of mind when building the Wick. Their dream has come full circle, as it seems that Chesterman Beach has found a soft spot in not only our hearts, but many others as well.

We're thrilled to share that Chesterman Beach has been voted as #6 of 100 beaches in Lonely Planet’s Best Beaches in the World, as well as the most popular beach in Canada in the World Beach Guide. This recognition not only honours our slice of paradise but also underscores its status as a beloved destination for locals and travellers alike. Boasting roughly three kilometres of sandy shoreline framed by ancient forests, the beach is dotted with tide pools and sea caves accessible at low tide. It's a place where families gather for picnics, seasoned surfers and newcomers alike come to catch a wave, and naturalists can marvel at the diverse wildlife that calls this coast home. One can also visit Frank Island, the tombolo which divides the beach in the middle, accessible by a thin stretch of sand revealed at low tide. Whether you're strolling along the shore with a coffee in hand, visiting the Henry Nolla Carving Shed, or soaking in a stunning sunset, Chesterman Beach is a local favourite that invites you to choose your own adventure.

Aerial Views by Bella Chambers www.sociallaundry.com

Gaze out on the open waters over the coming weeks, and you may spot grey whales as we welcome the return of these magnificent animals to our coastal waters. Each spring, thousands of grey whales migrate past Tofino, offering spectacular sightings for whale-watching enthusiasts. From February to May, they can be spotted along the shores, feeding in the sheltered bays before returning to their calving grounds in Baja California.

Whether you're scanning the horizon for a glimpse of a whale spouting or simply enjoying the natural tranquillity of the beach, we invite you to join us in celebrating the wonders of Chesterman Beach on your next visit to the Inn.

Warm regards,


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