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The Henry Nolla Gallery Welcomes Kim Leckey

The Henry Nolla Gallery Welcomes Fiber Artist Kim Leckey of Sea Woven.

We are pleased to welcome artist Kim Leckey of Sea Woven to the Henry Nolla Gallery! Be sure to stop by the Driftwood Cafe on the beach level of our Beach Building and enjoy Leckey's fibre art designed to capture the ethereal quality of our rainforest environments.

A passionate traveller, Leckey has found her home in Ucluelet, on the traditional land of the Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Nation, for the past four years. Originally hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Leckey embarked on a transformative journey back to Canada after acquiring weaving skills in Santa Rosa, California. Packed with her life and art materials, she embarked on a cross-country drive that led her to the captivating coastal town, where the sea and forest became a boundless source of inspiration. As an avid surfer and nature enthusiast, she finds solace in the ever-changing seas, immersing in their beauty. With a fashion design degree from Toronto Metropolitan University, Leckey adeptly employs colour theory, a profound affinity for fibrous materials, and a keen eye for structural construction techniques.

In birch + moss Leckey aims to provoke contemplation on our relationship with the environment. The intricate patterns and vibrant hues of the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest visually foster a deeper respect for the delicate ecosystems that flourish around us. By juxtaposing the beauty and fragility of these organisms against the backdrop of man-made structures, she aims to evoke a sense of awe and reverence for the awe-inspiring power of nature's reclamation.

Through careful attention to detail and colour, Leckey attempts to capture the ethereal quality of these rainforest environments, where light filters through the dense foliage, casting a verdant glow upon every surface. The textures and layers within the piece invite viewers to immerse themselves in this thriving ecosystem, where mushrooms and moss intertwine with ancient trees, harmoniously coexisting and asserting their timeless presence.

All pieces on display are available for purchase, and our Gift Gallery team would be pleased to assist with any questions or purchase inquiries -


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