Sustainable Operations

Surrounded by nature, it’s easy to see why we’re inspired to integrate environmentally responsible methods into our daily operations and offerings for our guests. As a team, we are continuously evaluating our progress and exploring new ways to further our efforts and contributions.

Our Sustainability Committee

Our approach to sustainability at the Wick originated with the McDiarmid family’s vision and is made possible by our employees. Established in 2004, the Sustainability Committee is a cross-functional team comprised of employees from all different departments who are passionate about making a difference at the Inn and in our community. The committee meets monthly to discuss new and upcoming initiatives, progress on our targets and ideas for team engagement including beach clean-ups, clothing swaps for Circular Economy Day or the Bike-to-Work program.

Embedded in Our History

Operating sustainably is all about the details and our commitment has been built into the ethos of the Wick right from the beginning. From the careful surveying of on-site trees and placement of the buildings during the Inn’s construction days to repurposing the wood into the textured walls and furniture, our goal has always been to minimize our footprint and reuse as much as possible.

Capturing Our Progress

We are proud of the certifications we have achieved for our efforts in sustainability, including being Biosphere Certified and achieving the Five Key Status as a member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and Hotel Association of Canada's Green Key Eco-Rating Program. While we aren’t perfect, we believe in transparency and having standards to hold us accountable.

Each role at the Inn has a part to play in our commitment to sustainable operations; from purchasing and procurement to our daily operations and community involvement, we strive to make all our decisions as sustainably as possible. Every January, we enter our annual closure where we prioritize using local labour and suppliers, often working with the same people year after year. Wherever possible, these changes are made with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability is always a work in progress, especially in a remote location without the infrastructure of a major city. Here are a few highlights of some of our practices:

  • Recycle anything we possibly can with as strong a focus on reducing and reusing.
  • Dispose of our hazardous materials properly.
  • Compost most of our fruit and vegetable waste from our restaurant and cafe on-site.
  • Reduced our chemical usage on site by 85%.
  • Use high-efficiency equipment ie. Viessmann boilers which significantly reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Use low-energy appliances and LCD high-efficiency monitors.
  • Offer electric car charging stations and complimentary bicycles.
  • Remain mindful of our water usage through infrastructure such as dual flush toilets, low-flow shower heads and sink faucets.
  • Prioritize using the local flora already present, in our on-property landscaping.
  • Work with local vendors and procurement partners including Soap for Hope Canada, where we saved 1,415 pounds of product from going into the landfill in 2023.