Treatments & Rates

Ancient Cedars Spa features four individual treatment rooms and two side-by-side treatment rooms: Rainforest Haven and Cedar Sanctuary. To enjoy our services side-by-side in one of our premiere treatment rooms, please add $20 per person to the treatment rate.  Some exceptions apply. As it is our mantra to promote relaxation for all of our guests, the length of each treatment is longer than you might find in another spa.  This treatment time also includes a personal consultation with your practitioner to determine your expectation of the treatment and to explain what the experience will entail. 

We are proud to use innovative product lines such as Comfort Zone, Seaflora, Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients. A range of these products are available for sale in the spa or online, so you may continue your spa experience in the comfort of your own home long after you depart our sanctuary for body and soul.

We highly recommend making your spa appointments shortly after confirming your guest room or suite reservations to ensure preferred treatments and times are available. Why not request your treatment online? If you are looking for any services or treatments not listed here, or have any questions regarding our spa's programs, please contact our Spa via e-mail at ancientcedarsspa [at] wickinn [dot] com (ancientcedarsspa AT You can also call us directly via phone at 250.725.3113 or contact the spa at our fax line at 250.725.3110. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have!

Treatment of the Season: Nature's Renewal

This season’s renewal is inspired by our beautiful Tofitian environment, in celebration of Earth Day, April 22 2015.   Using organic plant based products; your treatment begins with a jojoba bead exfoliation.  You will then experience a jetted hydrotherapy tub allowing tension to release from your head to your toes.  Essential oils of orange blossom and cedarwood are incorporated into a moisture application, leaving you feeling renewed by nature. Available March 1st - May 31st, 2015.

1.25 Hours $160.00

Hishuk Ish Tsawalk Awakening Treatment

The elements of fire, water, earth, and air are harnessed in this very special treatment incorporating techniques gleaned from traditional cleansing ceremonies of the West Coast’s indigenous people. Begin with a full-body exfoliation using a Vancouver Island seaweed body polish to invigorate your soul, followed by hot and cold water therapy to awaken your spirit. Internal reflection is encouraged with the final step when heated local basalt stones are used in a massage to encourage the body into a state of calm and deep relaxation. “Hishuk Ish Tsawalk” is a local First Nations phrase of wisdom meaning “Everything is one – all is interconnected”.

1.75 Hours $180.00 

Lomi Lomi

Temple-style Lomi Lomi is traditionally used by Hawaiian shamans and healers as an initiation into wholeness of mind, body and spirit. The weaving of passive movement, stretching, and rhythmic full-body massage strokes enhances relaxation and allows for the release of tension on many levels. The deeper meaning of Lomi Lomi is "to remove that which does not belong", thus to awaken the senses to harmony - a little bit of Hawaiian magic on the shores of our own "Big Island". 

1.5 Hours $175.00

West Coast Sacred Sea

This treatment utilizes the most relaxing and revitalizing aspects of hydrotherapy. First, a full-body exfoliation using a Vancouver Island seaweed body polish, is used to prepare your skin for an indulgent hydrotherapy soak. Then, a firming and hydrating seaweed gel is applied to the entire body before being wrapped in warm linens. The treatment concludes with a rejuvenating scalp and foot massage crafted to awaken your mind and align your body.


Sacred Nature Ritual

Using the Sacred Nature products, which are formulated according to Ecocert® guidelines, this luxurious face and body exfoliation treatment detoxifies  and protects the skin. This treatment includes a facial mask and  full body moisture application leaving your skin nourished and radiant. Recommended for all skin types, specifically catered to drier skin.


Detoxifying Mud Therapy

This luxurious treatment will firm, tone and leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished.  Begin with a full-body exfoliation, followed by an application of revitalizing mud infused with an abundance of detoxifying essential oils. Your body is then enveloped in a warm linen wrap, allowing the release of impurities for a full mind and body cleanse. Your body will relish the shea butter application that concludes this detoxifying experience.

1.5 Hours $175.00

Treatment add-on: Vital Leg Remedy

Release tension and ease the pressure of mild swelling, all the while improving the tone and elasticity of tired legs and feet.

Treatment add-on: Destress Express Scalp Treatment

This blissful enhancement is both invigorating and calming. By applying an aromatic oil blend to the scalp, our practitioners will help to invigorate the senses, calm the neural system and relieve stress. This treatment will stimulate circulation in the scalp and provide luxurious moisture to both the skin and hair.

Treatment add-on: Organic Elixr Facial

This quick and powerful anti-aging treatment will leave skin looking and feeling soft, supple and bright. All products used in this treatment are made up of organic, sustainable, food-grade, cruelty-free ingredients. This treatment is great on its own or as an add-on.

Aromatic Massage

You begin with a customized sensory journey, consultation, and your selection of essential oils. Skilled massage techniques address your individual needs for relaxation and a restored sense of well-being. To enhance your spa experience, request a side-by-side massage in one of our premium treatment rooms. For one or two people, Aromatic Massage is a journey unlike any other.

1 Hour/1.5 Hours $130.00/$170.00

Beach Ready Bliss

Invigorate the body and restore your skin’s natural luster with an organic sea salt body polish then unwind and rejuvenate tired muscles with a relaxing One Hour Aromatic Massage.  Leave your skin glowing and your body reawakened!

1.5 Hours $175.00

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment is luxurious yet powerful. This treatment begins with heated, smooth basalt stones placed both beneath and on top of the body. The heat from the placed stones penetrates the muscles to relieve tension while more heated basalt stones are used for a full-body massage. 

1.5 Hours $180.00


A gentle form of natural healing that involves specific reflex areas of the feet. Circulation is increased while promoting optimal health and function of corresponding organs and glands in the body.

30 Minutes/45 Minutes/1 Hour $75.00/$95.00/$130.00

Hydrotherapy Soak

The Hydrotherapy Soak is available on its own or as an add-on to your treatment.

Enjoy the legendary Bouvier Hydro Equinox tub as a treatment unto itself. Seaweed salts are added to our hydro tub as 144 water jets massage your entire body for an invigorating and relaxing treatment. Also great to enjoy in combination with our other services.


Pacific Sea Salt Glow

An invigorating full body exfoliation uses Vancouver Island seaweed body polish to remove surface impurities and smooth your skin. After a moisture application, your skin will feel smooth and refreshed. 



Please note: Ancient Cedars Spa facials do not include extractions or facial steaming.

Treatment add-on: Eye Supreme Firming Treatment

Awaken the delicate area around your eyes and reduce the appearance of expression lines with a soothing, nutrient rich application. 

Organic Elixir Express Facial

This quick and powerful anti-aging treatment will leave skin looking and feeling soft, supple and bright. All products used in this treatment are made up of organic, sustainable, food-grade, cruelty-free ingredients. This treatment is great on its own or as an add-on.


Organic Elixir Face and Body Treatment

Each season, practitioners at Ancient Cedars Spa work together to bring you, our guests, a Treatment of the Season designed - and only available - for that specific time of year. This relaxing face and body treatments starts with a 30 minute Aromatic back Massage  to sooth aches and pains  followed by the Organic Elixir Express Facial, a quick and powerful anti-aging treatment that will leave your skin looking and feeling soft, supple and bright. 

1 Hour $170.00 

Organic Sea Facial

Using products loaded with antioxidants and blended wild organic seaweeds that are hand harvested from our waters, this treatment will improve skin texture, leaving it nourished and healthy. Recommended for all skin types.


Hydramemory Facial

A refreshing drink for your skin, this facial provides exceptionally deep hydration and nourishment. Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin types.


Active Pureness Facial

This deep cleansing treatment targets unbalanced skin that is prone to break outs and congestion to attain a fresh and healthy glow. Recommended for oily/combination skin types.


Glorious Skin Facial

This amazing anti-aging facial delivers an immediate lifting effect and visible results on expression signs and fine lines. This is an excellent choice of treatment to pamper yourself with prior to an evening engagement. Recommended for all skin types.


Reviving Collagen Facial

Thanks to the power of alpha-hydroxy acids and Vitamin C, this delicate treatment infuses visible life into your skin. A renewing collagen mask restores elasticity and firmness to the skin, giving the appearance of an even skin tone. This is the ultimate anti-aging facial. We recommend this special treatment for all skin types.


Men's Performance Facial

A facial treatment that is designed to target the specific needs of male skin. Remove impurities and rebalance for a healthy, matte finish.


Self Renewal Face and Body

This experience is head to toe relaxation as we combine your choice of selected facial with a light touch back massage to create a luxurious treatment which will encourage your own self renewal.


Hot Stone Facial

Our most deluxe facial treatment incorporates heated basalt stones and cool marble stones. This customized treatment stimulates circulation, detoxifies the skin and improves muscle tone. Healthier, more vibrant skin is the ultimate result along with complete relaxation for the body, mind, and spirit. 


Ancient Cedars Pedicure

A royal foot treatment that begins with an invigorating foot soak in a copper tub. Complete cuticle, callous and nail care is followed by a relaxing and hydrating foot and lower leg massage. Finish with the polish of your choice.


Ancient Cedars Manicure

Total pampering for hands and nails with an intensive hydrating and soothing arm and hand massage. This deluxe treatment focuses on healthy nails, cuticle and skin care. Finish with the polish of your choice.


Ocean Rockweed Exfoliation Enhancement

Enhance your manicure or pedicure with an exfoliation using a natural antiseptic that efficiently retains moisture while guiding the passage of minerals in the body to remove impurities. This offering will stimulates circulation to promote smoother, healthier skin.



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